Crosier October 2020

The Editor, Shiona Doig, is looking for contributions to the October issue of the St Fillan’s Crosier, with a closing date of Friday 23 October. Articles and photographs will be received gratefully via email:

The Crosier is St Fillan’s Church magazine. The original St Fillan’s Crosier is a beautiful medieval bishop’s crook and silver-gilt case, or Coigreach, are associated with St Fillan of Perthshire, and are among the Museum of Scotland’s important medieval church artefacts. A crosier (sometimes spelled crozier) is a staff of office usually surmounted by a crook, which represents the pastoral authority of a bishop, symbolising their role as the shepherd of their ‘flock’. The St Fillan’s Crozier dates to the eleventh century and is made in the characteristic West Highland style, decorated with niello, a black mixture of copper, silver and lead sulphides often as an inlay in Celtic jewellery.