Prayer Group

The Prayer Group meets every Wednesday at 2.30pm for 20/30 minutes. We used to meet in the Church, but after several interruptions from parties of visitors, we moved to the Vestry! After lockdown, we had to refrain from meeting and agreed that we would still pray on our own at home. Each week we agreed what we would pray for.

As summer progressed, the group decided to meet in St. Fillan’s churchyard, socially distanced. After a short discussion, we decide who and what we shall pray for on that particular day. Then we walk round the churchyard, socially distanced, and pray silently. We usually limit ourselves to 3 prayers; for example, for all those in care homes and hospitals, for all those in education, for those who have lost their jobs and are worried about their futures. We concentrate on one prayer at a time as we walk round the churchyard and at the end we stand and say together The Lord’s Prayer.

During the winter months we shall probably have to revert again to saying our prayers at home. If you would like to join us, please get in touch. It is very easy and yet the discipline of regularly saying prayers together is, I believe, a good thing, especially in these strange worrying times. If there is something you would like us to pray for, please let me know.

Eileen Harper – 860151 –