Reflections from the Pew 42

This is the second of a series on the St Fillan’s stained glass windows. More information is available here.
Stained Glass Window 6
Here I have selected another early window designed by Alexander Strachan – The Baptismal window, unlike his others this shows not one but a number of characters.

I had assumed it was taken from the story where the disciples don’t want the people to bring their children to Jesus to be blessed and he tells the disciples off – Mark 10:13-16.

But the window is inscribed with: “Whoever shall receive this child in my name shall receive me, and whosever receiveth me receiveth him who sent me.” This is taken from the story where the disciples are arguing amongst themselves as to who will be the greatest, and Jesus takes a child and made him stand in front of them – Mark 9:33-37.

What I think is special about the window is that is shows Jesus surrounded by ordinary people – men women and children – everybody is welcome.