Reflections from the Pew 5

Last week I watched Slighe Chladach Fiobha (Fife Coastal Path) on BBC Alba.

Iagan McNeill is walking the Fife Coastal Path and passes through Aberdour. He admires the view from Hawkcraig point and plays Shinty with Lisa Norman. Previously he visited St. Bridget’s Kirk and discussed St. Bridget. This made me look into  the lives of our local saints.

You can watch it here on iPlayer (Aberdour is at 15mins).


St Fillan was born in Ireland travelled as a missionary around Scotland in the 8th century (he probably never visited Aberdour). He is the patron saint of of the mentally ill. Today with the emphasis on mental health, does that  make him a 21st century saint? More imformation here.

St Bridget is a 5th century Irish saint. She formed a monastic order  that accepted both men and women. Today with the emphasis on equality, does that make her a 21st century saint? More information here.