Reflections from the Pew 53

It is the season of festivals, therefore we are going to look at festivals in the bible – this week the festival of Unleaven Bread.

This seven-day feast begins on the day following the start of Passover. In the haste of the Israelites to leave Egypt, there was no time to add leaven (yeast) to their bread. During this time, remembering the hardships in Egypt and how God freed them from captivity, the Jews eat nothing leavened.

What does unleavened bread symbolize?
Since leaven typically puffs things up, it is linked to pride and many sins. Some examples in the bible related to leaven are hate, wickedness, hypocrisy, immorality, and wrong teachings. Yeast also spreads and permeates the dough unseen. This means that we should examine our lives for sin, and replace it with righteousness, good thoughts, and actions, with sincerity and truth – symbolized by eating the unleavened bread.