Reflections from the Pew 54

It is the season of festivals, therefore we are going to look at festivals in the bible – this week the festival of First Fruits.

The Feast of First Fruits is one of three Jewish harvest feasts to thank and honour God for all he provided.
The people were not to eat any bread or grain from the harvest until they’d offered the first fruits to God.

In Greek, Roman and Jewish religions, first fruits were offered. In Christianity, First Fruits is celebrated at Lammas on 1st August where a loaf of bread is brought to church to be blessed symbolising the first fruits of the harvest. The Inverkeithing and St Andrews Lammas fairs are famous.

In Inverkeithing, there will be a Fair on the High Street from Monday 1st to Wednesday 3rd August, the Hat & Ribbon Race takes place on Friday 5th August, the Highland Games takes place on Saturday 6th August. We of course will all be at the Aberdour Festival!

First Fruits or Lammas is an important festival where we remember God as creator and thank Him. It also reminds us to take care of creation.