Thank you to all those who contacted Fife Presbytery

Thank you to all those who contacted Fife Presbytery regarding the proposed closure of St Fillan’s.

Due to financial pressures, the Church of Scotland is planning to reduce the number of church buildings in Scotland. Fife Presbytery have produced a Draft Mission Plan and they propose to close 38% church buildings in Fife. This includes the proposed closure of St Fillan’s Church.

Many people contacted Fife Presbytery – here is their response.

Thank you for your email in response to the current consultation regarding the first draft Presbytery Mission Plan for Fife Presbytery. Presbyteries across Scotland have been instructed by the Church of Scotland’s General Assembly to produce 5-year rolling plans before the 31st December 2022, and are to be reviewed annually. Our Mission Strategy & Planning Task Group welcomes all comments, feedback and suggestions about the draft plan.
We are very grateful for the time you have taken to write to us, expressing strongly the importance of St Fillan’s Church to the Aberdour community, highlighting its rich heritage and the significance it continues to have in the lives of local people. We acknowledge that we have received a large number of letters objecting to the draft B Categorisation of St Fillan’s Church building.
The Mission Strategy & Planning Task Group will be meeting in May to review the draft plan and consider the responses to our consultation. The draft plan remains open to revision and no decisions have yet been taken by Fife Presbytery.
With all good wishes,
, Clerk to the Presbytery of Fife.