Worship for Sunday 1st November

The service is conducted by the minister, readings are from a member of the congregation from their home.

Hymn For all the Saints, who from their labours rest 
Old Testament Reading The Prophesies of Isaiah 15:1-8 
Hymn Be Still My Soul 
Hymn Glorious Things of Thee are Spoken
Hymn O When the Saints go Marching In

Sunday Services are now conducted in the church. As numbers are limited, booking is required – see the Reopening page. The service will still be available online each Sunday from 01:00am and available in ‘paper’ format by email.

Next week (8th Nov) is Remembrance Sunday. The St Fillan’s Church Service will be held in the Church Hall, and begin at 10.20am, to be followed by the Act of Remembrance at the War Memorial at 11am. The normal Booking System will apply. Social Distancing will be in operation for the Service, and for the Act of Remembrance afterwards.

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