Worship for Sunday 2nd May

Todays worship is conducted by the minister from the church.

Hymn Behold the mountain of the Lord
Old Testament Reading The book of Deuteronomy 5:1-21
New Testament Reading St Paul’s letter to the Romans 13:1-8
Hymn We sing a love that sets all people free
Hymn Lord, for the years you love has kept and guided

  • The church is open for worship – as numbers are limited, booking is required, see the Reopening page for more information.
  • A thank you and welcome to Aaron who is now editing the services.
  • The post Easter reflections from the St. Fillan’s Worship Group, The Road to Emmaus and Beyond are available every Wednesdays the fourth is available here.
  • Lesley & Sue have completed their Kilt Walk for Christian Aid, if you give by 3rd May the amount will be increased by 50%, information and the latest photos are available here.
  • The April Songs of Praise, where hymns have been chosen by members of the congregation, is available here.