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Primary School Poems

The Aberdour Cultural Association organised a poetry competition with Aberdour Primary School – the theme was St Fillan’s Church. Here are the entries.

Primary 7

St Fillan’s Oh, Saint Fillan’s Church! A landmark standing tall, 900 years old, Yet still its beauty enthrals. Through centuries of change, This haven has persevered, Its walls have heard the faithful pray, And many stories shared. The ancient stones tell tales Of christenings, and more, Of people who have come and gone And worshiped here before. For nine long centuries, This church has stood the test of time, And though the world has changed around, It’s still a sacred shrine. So, on this anniversary, We celebrate the long-standing faith, And thank the lord hat he has blessed St Fillan’s church with grace.

Thee who shall pass by,
This is all I ask from thy,
I may not be a sight to see,
But please come and take a look at me,
I may look like some boring stones
But there is still something,
You ought to have never known,

I am 900 years old,
As you can see,
I am still standing bold,
As my fellow graves fall over,
All I can do is feel sober,
He who lives underground,
Will ought to have seen the world around,
In his underground bird nest.

St Fillan’s Whispers

Primary 6

St Fillan’s 900th Anniversary

The mossy rocks built around stood so long without no fall

The gravestones filled with names of all

And the inside looks like a beautiful ball

The intricate work done in the windows

And the eye catching entrance fill with gorgeous flowers and bushes

But the shimmering gold numbers on the gate top it off perfectly 1123-2023

However the most important thing to me is when I go to St Fillan’s

It reminds me of al the good times I’ve had there with the

School and going myself with my family.

Forever stand St Fillan’s

Highly Commended

St Fillan’s Church

St rainbow reflects across the church at fall.

The magnificent prayers left in the church hall,

The church reminds me of some lovely memories,

A legendary church that has lived for centuries,

The church will become greater as more people pray

I wish the church luck on its 900th birthday.

900 years…
Of songs, psalms and sermons
Of praising and praising
Of worship on Sundays.

900 years…
Of promises and vows
Of births, blessings & baptisms
Of final farewells.

900 years…
Of joyful Easter morns
Of cold Christmas carols,
Celebrating the birth of Christ.

900  years…
Of Christian worship.

St Fillan’s Church has served us for around 900 years
One of the oldest in the country, it sure appears
A ceremony held back in 1123
Still so important for the community and me.

The building held up by a lot of bricks and stones
On regular occasions, townsfolk leave their homes
Not only a place of worship, also a place of peace
For many, this old church is a masterpiece.

The graveyard a forever home for the passed
Where families hold memories from the past
And the bridge where you have been told to hold your breath
The exterior immortal, won’t ever suffer death.

St Fillan’s Church is so much of a wonderful place
The feeling I have when there – It’s like God’s embrace
Please hold your hopes it’ll never fall down
The beautiful building right in my hometown.

Highly Commended

St Fillan’s

Through the twisted iron gates
And up the path I go,
Flowers on the left and flowers on the right
I stoop under the arch so low.

Rows of ancient tombstones stand
Skulls and crossbones … eerie!
Step inside this old church
And find rows of seats for the weary.

I think about people from long ago
Who would worship God inside
Did William Wallace once come here?
Or did pirates once abide?

So here I stand in year 900
Of this precious place.
It’s stood for such a long long time
A smile still on it’s face.

So I’m thankful for my chance to visit
Old St Fillan’s Church
It’s musty air, bibles here and there
And on it’s roof birds perch

St Fillan’s

St Fillan’s stands tall,
Whispering secrets of old,
Peace within its walls.

St Fillan’s, timeless,
History is in the stones
Aberdour’s heartbeat
And the church feels like it is alive
And holds every bit of knowledge ever

Shared in its walls

St Fillan’s Church

St Fillan’s Church the place to be
The old stone walls
Fill faces with glee

The stain glass windows bring St Fillan’s to life
Making the church
The best in Fife!

A 900-year celebration
In the year of the king’s coronation
What a year for the congregation!

A Poem for St Fillan’s Church

It doesn’t matter how old you are

But you have set a very high bar.

Nine hundred years is such a long time

To be still looking quite so fine

You are Aberdour’s age old star!

Primary 5

Supper stained glass casts a colourful glow on the

Terrific people all around who come to show

Faith and love

In this historic home

Lopsided headstones guide the way to this

Lovely location in the heart of


Nine hundred years, we celebrate

St Fillan’s church, this icon of the Dour.

St Fillan’s church is old,
900 years of glory
Walk amongst the stones,
To find amazing stories.

Stained glass shines,
Like stars in the sky.
I hope it’s still there,
Until the day I die.

Walk under the bridge,
Hold your breath for luck.
Down through the door,
Don’t forget to duck.

Welcome in,
And take a pew,
Feel the Peace,
Inside of you.

St Fillan’s Church

If our church could speak would it tell us it’d seen.

With the passing of of king and maybe a queen.

Happiness and sadness, sometimes joy, sometimes tears.

Christenings, marriages and funerals through the years.

Built in 1123 by monks from Inchcolm.

For 900 years its been part of our home.

The beautiful architecture and interesting graves outside.

When I go with school it fills my heart with pride!

When celebrating the 900th year of St Fillan’s church being the heart of Aberdour.

It was wonderful at the very start but then Earl of Morton came and took off the roof.

The wife countess of Morton is a big goof because she wanted to take off the roof.


We will never go to church to change the world, we will only change the world by being the church!

Many come to church to bring their clothes but not themselves!

The church is a hospital for the sick not a museum for saints!

A walk in the church

A walk in the church feels like

A night with every star shining down

Like a piece of history falling into place

Each gravestone has a story as fascinating

As if you were holding a piece of time itself

And the view feels as if you could see

The whole world in front of you like

a monarch looking over their Kingdom

And the church feels like it is alive

And holds every bit of knowledge ever

Shared in its walls

Highly Commended

Hello St Fillan’s

Hello St Fillan’s Church,

I love how we go under the tunnel to find you.

Thank you for guarding the graves for us.

Hour after hour we respect you,

For what you are and what you do.

We will honour you by celebrating

Your 900th Anniversary.

Thank you St Fillan’s Church for being you.

At a Church

At a Church you can have wedding.

At a Church you can have a blessing.

At a Church you can pray.

At a Church you can sing songs.

At a Church you can have a celebration.

At a Church you can have a funeral.

At a Church you can be happy.

At a Church you can be sad.

At a Church you can have fun.

Church is for EVERYONE!

The Church of St Fillan 900 years

The roof is filled with splendid song.

The glass stained windows make or hearts sing in cheer and dance and Jesus bless us all.

The windows tell stories through glass and pictures.

The walls of the church contains peoples thoughts and prayers.

The plants in the jars make us feel peaceful and happy.

When I first walked through the door of the church I was welcomed with a big warm smile from the reverend.

900 years old
Many stories to be told
With its beautiful nave
Memorable moments it has gave
That’s St Fillan’s church

St Fillan with his luminous arm
Protecting the people from harm
The favourite saint of the king
For him the bells would always ring
That’s St Fillan’s church

The gravestones of the past
Long shadows do they cast
Overlooking the sea
A place of calm I’m sure you agree
That’s St Fillan’s church

Even after the fire it’s standing strong
It’s been at the heart of the village for so long
For the church we are truly blessed
The church is simply the best
That’s St Fillan’s church

St Fillan’s, Aberdour

There once was a monk called St Fillan –

A kind man, he wasn’t a villain.

He gave us a place to worship s much –

A church that was built with his magic touch.

Nine hundred years later, it’s thrilling!

I am a little church mouse

I live behind the pulpit

It’s very quiet when no one is around

But when the organ plays it’s very loud

The bell rings as you walk to church,

But hold your breath in the tunnel

Or you will have bad luck.

I scurry around the gravestones

My family has been here for 900 years

As old as the church itself

I am a little church mouse

I live behind the pulpit.

900 years of St Fillan’s Church

900 years still standing strong
12th Century Church that’s very long.

Set by the castle just behind the stone wall
Birds chattering loudly, we can hear them call.

Old wooden benches, a nice place to sit
The Church was built up bit by bit.

The Church is special to our community
Where we can be close to God and that is our opportunity.

St Fillan’s Church

Gates of gold and shimmering black

The graves with roses, glittering like rubies in the sunlight

The church itself is made of stories and stone.

The stained glass windows make rainbows across the walls.

Many men died in World War One, two to save this village and this church.

The great Hewitt brothers James Francis Hewitt and William George Hewitt.

Now the treasures of Aberdour are really quite something.

They’re not just silver and gold They’re stories and memories.

Still standing to this day

Top of roof fell in to ruins some time ago

Find some history or mystery

In the ancient walls that tell tales of old

Lots of stories have been told

Aberdour’s treasure with it’s beaty beyond measure

Nine hundred years old

Still standing to this day

St Fillan’s Church Anniversary

Stained glass slimming in the light

Two brothers resting from the fight

Fallen down gravestones in the yard

I wonder if their lives were hard?

Look at the garden full of flowers

Listen to the organ in the spacious hall

Aberdour castle peaks over the wall

Nine hundred is a fantastically long time

School is where I go and I’m only nine!

Our Church

Our Church is so old,

Many stories to be told.

Our church has had it’s big birthday.

The people that were buried here

Their spirits run around and cheer,

As well as a special place.

Our Church is an important space.

The tombstones tall

The headstones small.

It doesn’t matter what,

Our church is top of the lot.

Aberdour St Fillan’s Church

Extremely lovely
Really ancient but new at heart
Decorative in its own way
Over joying people with it’s history
Unusually old at the age of 900bbut still standing
Ruins in the graveyard

Super special
The beautiful church bell chime

Filling the church on Sunday morning services
Interesting culture and beliefs
Loving ministers
Lovely nature around the church yard
Affecting people in a glorious way
Nationwide history
Sanctuary for people to pray

Calming culture
Helping people through tough times
Upkeeping glory
Raising kids into Christianity
Carrying people to heaven
Happiness is shown to all who come

Primary 4


Run little fox, run.
Through the iron gate.
Senses tingle run past the stained glass
John the Baptist and his dove.

Pews empty, bibles full
I remember baby in font

Grown up into her wedding dress,
Now sleeping still in graves

Smell of the musty air
Taste of the dewy grass
Fur prickles on heather
Song of worshipers

Back into warm hole, safe under gods floor.

Blake Trophy for originality

St Fillan’s Limerick

There was an old church called St Fillan’s

Where the children could just go and chillin

It’s 900 years old

And Wow, worth a lot of gold

So please come along because it is thrillin!

Happy Birthday

Dear St Fillan’s

If only we could light 900 candles for you
And each wish you made we hope would come true.
For you have granted so many of ours
St Fillan’s church I think you have heart warming powers.

You have listened to the prayer of both rick and poor
They were happy sad, good and bad.
Oh St Fillan’s your patience we wish we all had.

When we push you two doors open it feels as if
Someone gives me a hug and a cup of hot tea.
You’re warm and welcoming and perfect for me.

When you speak, silence falls over the crowd.
To have you here makes me feel proud.

You guard over our loved ones that are buried in your yard
To not have you St Fillan’s would be ever so hard.

Love from all of us

The Church

Stones Standing witness

Watching as the years go by,

Living memory

St Fillan’s Church

I am St Fillan’s Church

I am surrounded by graves, trees, flowers
I am in a isolated, quit calm area
my rough skin is made of grey-bronze yellow bricks
I am a place for weddings, funerals, remembrance, school shows.

I see Edinburgh, Aberdour castle, nature
I hear planes soaring and leaves rustling
I feel soft steps inside me wind blowing against me
I smell lavender and fresh grass

I understand how the world has changed
I worry I will be destroyed
I hope people are kind in me
I feel happy that most of the time people have fun in me

I am St Fillan’s Church

Primary 3

900 years of St Fillan’s Church

The colours of the sacramental window

His cape is blue like summer skies.

Reflecting in church goers eyes.

The serpent is a royal blue,

A funny snake it is too!

The dove is white like a morning cloud.

A colour very pure & proud.

The leaves are green and maybe birch,

Climbing the windows of our lovely church.

All the colours are in memory of people who loved

this place and worshiped here

With love and grace.


900 years of St Fillan’s Church

When I’m in the church

I like to sit or perch,

And stare at the colourful windows,

The pictures which show the history which show Aberdour old,

And even though it is sometimes cold.

I love to draw those scenes,

Forever ago it seems,

People in Aberdour wore sandals and gowns,

To know it is one of Scotland’s oldest churches


The bible I pretend to read,

Like leader of the church.

I love the church.

Stained glass windows

All cool and quiet

It is peaceful in this church

Nine hundred years old

Time stands still here

Flowers every where

In the church people pray

Listen to the organ

Listening to the hymns

At the alter weddings and christening

Nice church in Aberdour

Stained glass windows sparkle when the sun shines

Tonight people will sing and pray and give thanks for a better day

Floors are old and cold

I feel calm in the church

Lots of chairs line up in rows

Lots of people pass by the church

A minister does his speech

Nativity remembers Jesus

St Fillan’s is 900 years old

Happy birthday!!!

Stone walls

Tumbled graves

Fabulous flowers

Interesting windows

Lovely cherry blossom

Lots of love

Aberdour church

Nine hundredth celebration

Singing birds

Save St Fillan’s!!! 900 years old

Too many stories still to be told

Fond memories that only locals understand

Interesting church, one of the oldest in the land,

Light shines through the stained glass windows,

Lord, in St Fillan’s your spirit glows,

Ancient gravestones telling tales of yesterday

Nine hundred years since the 12th century

Save St Fillan’s!!! too precious to be sold

Stained glass windows

Tell a story

For all our visitors

In the church

Lightening up the sun

Lovely colours shining through

All about Aberdour and Jesus

Not to be forgotten

Primary 1 & 2

The Church

Rainbow glass and Rainbow light

Colour dancing ever bright.

Dappled green gardens and wobbly stones

Standing over buried bones.

Quiet stories and happy songs a lovely place we all belong.

Highly Commended

St Fillan’s Church.

Musical pretty old

And magical.

St. Fillan’s church is now 900 years old; that means it is not new to Aberdour.

In St. Fillan’s church, it has stain glass windows that are different. Each stain glass window has a person to remember them. I think there is a stain glass window with Jesus on it.

There are loads of graves at St. Fillan’s church and one grave is from World War two, but there might be more. Some of the graves to your left are pirate graves, and there are probably graves from World War one. I can’t tell you, but you can go and look yourself.

I think that the little hut from the story is still there. I don’t know where it is, but I have seen a hut there.

I think there are even some places that people that work there and people that are visiting can’t go.

St Fillan’s Church yard

I can see … beautiful flowers and nice green trees,

angels and devils on some graves.

Old writing in other languages.

I can hear … birds tweeting, bees buzzing, someone singing.

I can tough … bumpy gravestones, wet grass.

I can smell … cut grass.

I can taste … fresh sea air.

I feel … happy and sad.

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