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Who’s Who

Interim Moderator (Forthview)

Fergus Duncan

Session Clerk (St Fillan’s)

Bill Henderson

Elders (St Fillan’s)

Isobel Clegg
David Graham
Bill Henderson
Sally Sheail
Christine Waddell
June Weatherup
Eric Williamson

Treasurer (Fothview & St Fillan’s)

Liz Pearston

Property convenors

Brian Shaw (Forthview)
Willie Crowe (St Fillan’s)

Hall convenor (St Fillan’s)

Karyn Crowe

The last St Fillan’s Kirk Session – December 2023

Back L-R: Willie Crowe (Property Convenor), Ewart McSkimming, Eric Williamson, David Graham, Colin Campbell, Bill Henderson.
Front L-R: Eileen Harper, Catherine Duncan, Christine Waddell, June Weatherup, Isobel Clegg.

St Fillan’s Kirk Session – August 2015

Back L-R: Bill Cochrane, Gavin Hay, John Gordon, Colin Campbell, Rev Peter Gerbrandy-Baird, David Graham, Norman Macdonald, David Robertson. Ewart McSkimming.
Middle: Dr George Brown
Front L-R: Simon Fraser, Wallace Cowan, Eric Williamson, Margaret Tollick, Ken Sinclair, Bill Henderson, Sally Sheail, Lois Hutchison, Catherine Duncan, June Weatherup.

St Fillan’s Kirk Session – January 2000 (on visit by the Moderator of the Church of Scotland Rev John Cairns to celebrate the Millennium)

Back L-R: Douglas Crow, (Robert Halliday, Robert Pearston & Ogilvie Nicoll from Dalgety).
Middle L-R: George Connell, Dr George Brown, Bill Allan, Alex Stirling, Rev Peter Park.
Front L-R: Jean Bald, Rt Rev John Cairns, Catherine Duncan, John Anderson, William Nelson, William McRae, Lois Hutchinson.
Seated: Carleen Simmers.

St Fillan’s Kirk Session – 1997/8

Back L-R: Kenneth Hodge, Derek Anderson, William Chalmers, William Allan, Kenneth Sinclair, Ewart McSkimming, David Hannah.
2nd back row L-R: Hugh Hanlon, Ronald Kerr, Graeme Stevens, Norman Macdonald, Colin Campbell, Adam McLean, Alex Stirling, Rev. Frank Tollick.
2nd row L-R: Harry Cunningham, Neil Ross, William Cochrane, William Nelson, Dr. George Brown, Margaret Tollick, Dr. Susan Farrar, Kathleen Fergus, Ian Foster, William Armit.
From L-R: Lois Hutchison, Ursula Hodge, Catherine Duncan, Rev. Peter Park, Carleen Simmers, Margaret Lamb, Marnie Rennie.

St Fillan’s Kirk Session – June, 1996

Back L-R: Rev. Robin Hall, Ronald Kerr, Hugh Hanlon, Harry Cunningham, Alex Stirling, William Allan, David Hannah, Kenneth Sinclair, Graeme Stevens.
Short row L-R: David Robertson, Ewart McSkimming, Colin Campbell.
Middle L-R: Norman McClelland, Neil Ross, Adam McLean, Kenneth Hodge, Alan Wark, William Chalmers, William Cochrane, Derek Anderson, William Nelson, Burnett Gray, John Low, Dr. George Brown, Harry Allen.
Front L-R: Alexander Armstrong, Rev. Robert Trotter, Ian Foster, William Armit, Margaret Lamb, Ursula Hodge, Collette Adam, Rev. John Scott, Catherine Duncan, Marnie Rennie, Lois Hutchison, Eileen Harper, Dr. Susan Farrar.

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