Reflections from the Pew 153

We are now looking at the top ten characters in the Old Testament. The “top ten” has been modified to include 5 men and 5 women and not include any that then been looked at recently. At number 6 is Abigail – I must admit I didn’t even know she was a biblical character.

This story is found in 1 Samuel 25, it is short so can be read easily.


Abigail is described as ‘beautiful and intelligent’ and is married to Nabal who is described as ‘very rich, mean and bad tempered’.

David and his soldiers had been hiding from Saul in the hills around Naba’s land and had protected his shepherd. He sent some of his men to ask Nabal for some food, but Nabal refuses and insults David. David then decides to kill Nabal and all his men.

One of the shepherds told Abigail about this and realising the consequences gathers some food together and rushes out to intercept David. She meets David and pleads for Nabal’s life, he is overwhelmed by the humility and respect she shows and is is pleased that she has persuaded him to spare Nabal.

Abigail returns to Nabal, who is feasting, he has a stoke and later dies. Later David marries Abigail and becomes King.

This story tells us that we should love even those who are “mean and bad tempered”, and those who bring trouble on themselves. We should not just love good people.

Abigail was with difficult people in a difficult situation, she did not lose her temper or get angry, instead she tried to make things better and bring peace.