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Reopening of St Fillan’s Church, for Sunday Services

We look forward to welcoming you to Church in the following weeks.

However in order to do this we need to ensure that we follow both Government and Church of Scotland guidelines and guidance.

It is important that you read this document carefully to understand the steps which require to be taken by everyone when attending any Church service.

Cleaning protocols will be in place to ensure all surfaces you touch, or come into contact with, will have been cleaned and sanitised both before, and after, the service.

You may not be able to attend a Church service without an advance booking
Wearing a face mask is a requirement of attending a service in the Church

How to Book

Before booking please read the Church of Scotland’s Privacy Notice as this explains how visitor or congregation member personal data is collected and recorded. Copies of the Privacy Notice will also be available at the Church for information.

Bookings will be restricted to a maximum of 60 people for the protection of all attendees. This is inclusive of joint household bookings.
Booking for each week opens on the Monday at 9am before the service and closes on the Friday evening at 4pm. Please do not phone outside of these hours.

To make a booking please phone 01383 432851. You will be asked for your name and phone number **, and the number of people in your party (all of whom must be from your immediate household) up to a maximum of four people. Please do not make a booking for someone outside of your immediate household.

If bookings are already full we will unfortunately not be able to offer you a space in the service, and you will need to phone when the next week’s bookings open.

NB* You will need to phone each week as block and advance bookings will not be taken.

** Your data will be used to enable us to manage numbers, and to comply with Trace and protect legislation. It will be held securely and destroyed in accordance with data protection legislation after 21 days.

At the Church

Please DO NOT come to Church if you are feeling unwell, especially if you have any of the COVID 19 (Coronavirus) symptoms of a fever, a new and continuous cough, or a sudden loss or change in smell or taste.

 Entrance is by the Hawkcraig Road gate only.

You will be met at the door by a member of the Welcome team who will check that you are on the booking list for that week. If you have not pre booked you will have to give your name, contact details and number in your group to the person in charge of the register on that day. This is a requirement for ‘track and trace’.

In the Church

Please observe all notices and instructions from all Welcome team members.

You must wear a face mask at all times whilst in the building.

Please bring your own water, Hymn book and Bible if preferred.

You will be required to use the hand sanitiser provided when you enter the building.

You will be shown to a particular seat. Please remain in that seat throughout the service and do not move from the seat to sit with others.

Throughout your time in the building please maintain a physical distance of 1 metre from everyone else (except those in your household party) at all times.

Should you require assistance please stay seated and raise your hand and a member of the Welcome team will attend to you. Please try to use the toilet at home before coming to church.

In the Church continued

Please note that you must be able to sit, stand, and walk unaided as members of the Welcome team are sadly not allowed to physically assist you.

Singing is allowed but masks must be worn.

There is no Sunday Club for the young people at present. Children of primary school age and younger should not attend unless they are able to wear a mask.

After the service it is important that you remain in your seat until a member of the Welcome team indicates that you may exit the building via the designated one-way route.

There will be a collection plate available as you exit the building if you wish to make an offering.

You will be required to use hand sanitiser again on the way out.

After the Church Service

Should you show any symptoms of Covid 19 (Coronavirus) within 48 hours of attending a Church service please:

Immediately arrange to be tested. Either call 119 or use this link to book a test online.

Contact St Fillan’s Church, Aberdour on 01383 432851 to advise of your symptoms and the date you attended the Church service.

Once the test results are back please get back in contact to advise if the test is negative.

If the test is positive, please advise the NHS Tracing team of the Church telephone numbers above, and the date you attended the Church service, so that the appropriate actions can be taken by the NHS Test and Protect service.

All results will be treated as strictly confidential and on an anonymous basis.

Should I attend?

If you feel safer at home we will continue to provide an alternative recorded Worship Service. This can be accessed via the Church website, and will be available each Sunday morning from 01.00am.

Those who are showing any symptoms of Covid 19, or have been told to self-isolate SHOULD NOT ATTEND even if they have booked.

Those in vulnerable groups and those with serious health conditions should also consider whether to attend at this stage.

Thank you for your patience and understanding whilst we move through this new process. This guidance will be updated as and when required.

** References Health Protection Scotland Documents Core COVID-19 Information and Guidance for Non-Healthcare Settings


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