Songs of Praise for Sunday 2nd August

Today would have been the Aberdour Festival Songs of Praise. Some of the congregation have chosen a hymn and written a few words. Thanks to all those who contributed. Join in the signing!

David Graham has chosen The Little Drummer Boy.
“At the start of the Iraq war there was a news item showing a British Army church parade where the soldiers were all in lines, then it switched to a US Army group of soldiers sitting informally in a circle singing this song. Also it shows that the least important person is important to Jesus.”

June Weatherup has chosen Be still for the presence of the Lord.
“I love the beautiful and meaningful lyrics of this hymn. It is so comforting to know that God’s presence is all around us not only in peaceful times but also in very difficult times none more so than during the current coronavirus pandemic.”

Jannette Clinkenbeard has chosen O Brother Man, Fold to thy heart thy brother.
“This is a hymn I first heard when I was first married and went to live in the US for the next 3 years. It was at the time of the Vietnam war and of course, civil rights unrest.
It seemed to reach the core of what was important in trying to convey what was and is important in our Christian faith.”

Bill Clinkenbeard has chosen Jesus Good above all Other.
“A 14th century hymn with simple but genius words.”

Sandra McSkimming has chosen O Jesus I have promised.
“It was my Guildry (now called Girls’ Brigade) hymn. I sang it every Friday night for years!
I can sing every word of the old version without looking at hymn book! Brings back a lot of memories.”

Bill Henderson has chosen Love Divine.
“It is written by my favourite hymn writer Charles Wesley. It is a family favourite and my father loved the line Changed from Glory into Glory till in Heaven we take our place. It is a favourite hymn at funerals not in a morbid way but as a statement of our total belief in Eternal life. I am inspired every time I sing it!”

Maureen Stirzaker has chosen Jubilate, Everybody.
“This is my favourite Psalm 100. Also as I left the church in Manchester at the end of my last service there, the children were singing this and playing percussion instruments and dancing. It is a lasting memory and one that always makes me smile. I hope it will make others smile too. “

Linda Watson has chosen I the Lord of Sea and Sky.
“When I was scared first thing in the morning going into work at height of pandemic. I hummed the tune and sang the words in my head to give me courage for the day.”

Linda & David Graham both chose The day Thou gavest Lord has ended.
“This reminds us of our time living & working in Africa. It shows that the church is worldwide!”