Reflections from the Pew 10

One program I enjoy on the television is Undercover Boss. Its back again for its sixth series on ITV on Thursday evening at 9pm. Every episode follows the same format. The boss feels out of touch with their company so puts on a wig, changes their name and takes an entry level job working for a week along side a number of employees.

The outcome generally the same – the boss finds that the staff are very dedicated but receiving little support from head office. It ends with a reveal where the boss meets the person and explains how they were impressed with the worker and gives them an exotic holiday. Personally I do wonder if there is a big shake up at head office and in the long term staff are more appreciated.

For the past few weeks I have been working on site rather than in the office or at home. I didn’t were a wig, change my name, gone undercover or am I a boss – but it was very interesting to see what work is like at the ‘sharp’ end. To see the challenges they encounter and the support or lack of that they receive from management.

It made me think that Jesus was an Undercover Boss. He lived on earth, faced the same challenges as us but not just for a week.

I thought I was the only person with this idea, but looking on the internet other had seen the similarity. You can view one here.